Thursday, August 13, 2015

Classroom Setup Day 1

Ok, so I hope I'm not alone on this...but I always get an anxiety attack when I first walk into my room to start set-up.  This year is no different! I mean who could look at that wiry mess and not get anxiety??!  LOL

I went in for a few hours today to just empty my closet, which I forgot to get a picture of, but I can tell you it was packed from top to bottom and wall to wall.  My building is old, I mean really, really old.  We've got those old fashioned coat closets that run along one whole wall of the room, I have a ton of stuff stored in there.  

First look:

Quick inventory, and all of my rolling chairs and all of my tables, which I'm slightly attached to, are there {WHEW}.  A small drop in anxiety level.  ☺

I know, you're jealous of my view aren't you?!  
Yes, my room faces a brick wall.  On the upside, we are spared from the hot afternoon sun, which is a blessing since these old brick buildings feel more like a brick pizza oven on a hot day.  And, with no air conditioning, you just don't even want to breathe in there!  

Anyway, there's the first few peeks.  I'll post more tomorrow.