Friday, July 6, 2012

A student lost...

Earlier this week, on Tuesday, as I sat at Mavis Tire, dreading the bill I would soon be paying for new tires, I received a phone call from the secretary at school.  She prefaced her call by saying she had some "not very good news".  I immediately assumed this was a phone call to tell me I have to change classrooms, or I was being moved to another grade level...You know the feeling.  But instead, she spoke about a student of mine, and proceeded to tell me that he had been shot and killed in Brooklyn over the weekend.  I know she told me the details, but as soon as I hung up--I could hardly remember any details, only that my student, Jaquan Cox, a bubbly, energetic, happy little boy had been killed.  The details are too gruesome to relate here, but Jaquan, my seven year old student, who I had hugged, said goodbye to, and wished a great summer less than two weeks ago, had been killed.  He was visiting his grandmother who lived in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn.  He, along with his grandmother, were victims in a double murder-suicide. 

I don't have to tell you, the followers of my blog, who are mostly teachers, just how close you grow to your students as the year progresses.  The loss of a student is crushing, but a loss to violence seems even more unbearable.  

A fund has been established through to help raise funds for the funerals of both Jaquan Cox and Alma Cox.   If you are willing to donate, you may do so here: EverRibbon: Jaquan Cox and Alma Cox.