Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogs, and DIBELs, and Worms, OH MY!

So, if you're a blogger, or a blog follower, you know that Blogger was down yesterday, and like a crazy person, I sat at my computer for at least 2 hours hitting the reload button every few minutes in hopes that Blogger had magically been fixed.  I finally went to bed last night--almost an hour earlier than normal because I didn't have any blogs to stalk. :(  So, now that Blogger is back up today, I have to make up for lost time.  It's a Friday evening, and what am I doing?  BLOGGING!  LOL
We don't finish school until the end of June, so we haven't done our final end of the year DIBELs yet.  So as I look back over my student's scores from beginning and mid-year, I feel so proud of my students.  In NWF (nonsense word fluency), one of my little guys was reading a 1, that's right a ONE, in September; his mid-year score was 66 in NWF...and his ORF score has just continued to climb since February.  I'm so proud of his hard work.
Onto the worm portion of my post...Earlier this spring, I was inspired to create a "worm unit".  The inspiration may seem a little odd; an incident took place during recess that involved one of my students, and a worm being intentionally stomped stepped on.  In an effort to teach my students about the importance of worms, I began compiling worm literature, and creating age-appropriate activities.  I had no idea what a hit this unit would be with my students.  I will be placing my unit on TPT very soon.  I already placed a related measurement activity which uses "inchworms", and supports the Common Core Math Standard of Measurement and Data for grade 1.  Here are a couple of examples:

 Check it out:

Also, congratulations to the first 4 commenters on my previous post, as they received the measurement file via email.  Congrats: kinderpond, Steph, Brenda, and Liz.