Sunday, February 19, 2017

CKLA Skills Activities

In my school we use CKLA Skills (Core Knowledge Language Arts) for ELA instruction.  I'm fortunate to have a forward thinking principal that allows the first and second grade teachers to compartmentalize for our reading instruction.  For our instructional purposes we assess the students in the beginning of the year.  Students are then placed in the curriculum at a level that meets their instructional needs.  For instance, I'm a first grade teacher, but in October I was teaching a mid-kindergarten reading group.  My reading group is comprised mostly of first graders, however, I also have a few second graders that are also working to master the skills in the kindergarten curriculum.  Fortunately, our groups are fluid, and based on continual assessment and progress monitoring, a few of the second graders have been able to move along quickly and have been placed in a higher reading group.  I have found the CKLA curriculum to be beneficial to my students, but found that often times I was having to write things out on index cards and sentence strips for nearly every lesson.  That's tough to keep up with, so I began creating resources that could be printed, laminated, and used over and over again.   I also began creating resources that could be used during small group/stations/workshops time.  Today, I want to share with you a few of my favorite CKLA resources.  

Wiggle cards are great.  They can be used in so many different ways.  I use them as a warm-up as students are arriving for reading.  I also use them as a closure activity.  They're great to use during transitions and even for partner activities.  

Sight words that are not decodable are called "tricky words" in the CKLA curriculum.  I print these and then laminate them.  As I introduce them, I use a red dry erase marker to underline the tricky parts.  I apply magnets to the back of the cards and keep them on my magnetic easel which I use every day during my reading lesson.  {THIS IS A FREEBIE IN MY TPT STORE}

During literacy stations time I like to have my students practice their newly learned CKLA skills.  I created stations that align to each unit of the kindergarten CKLA curriculum.  The stations for first grade are currently in progress.  

Bingo games are always a hit!