Monday, August 24, 2015

Classroom Setup Day 3

Today was day 3 of classroom set-up.  Today was a super short day though, so I didn't get a lot done.  Here's a peek!  

I hauled all of my student chairs out of my big coat closet.  I store them in there over the summer.  Two years ago I had left them in the classroom with my desks over the summer and they DISAPPEARED! I freaked out and my sweet new principal (at the time) spent time combing the building looking for my chairs.  Thank goodness most of them were recovered.  It's still a mystery how they got to a whole different floor of the building.  Hmmph!  Needless to say, now I make sure they are stored in the middle of my big coat closet, surrounded by TONS of stuff and definitely not easy to access!

I got my big hallway bulletin board put up with the names of the students who are currently on my class list, which will change at least 10 more times before school starts, and then again several times in the first week of school.  I'll end up taking down those cute red sneakers with kid's names on them that are now off my list.  But my philosophy is: I'd rather have a sneaker there for a kid who doesn't show up, than not have one there for a kid who does show up.  Every kid deserves to walk up to their classroom on that first morning and see their name on the bulletin board. ☺  So with that said, here's the before picture:
And, here's the afters:

What first graders don't love Pete the Cat?!  What first grade teachers don't love Pete the Cat for that matter?!

You can find that bulletin board set here:

I also wanted to refresh my classroom library, so I added some new cute motivational reading posters: 

You can find them here: 

All of these posters are part of the same pack, I just printed them in different sizes for visual interest.  I printed these smaller and attached them to a ribbon to make a cute little banner: 

I got color copies of our class supply list printed up and ready.  One is displayed here on a clipboard attached to my classroom door.  You can see I use pictures to help parents with the correct items.  We have a large number of ENL (used to be ESL, now it's English as a New Langage!) students, and most of their parents have little or no English.  They appreciate the pictures so they can be sure they are buying the correct supplies for their child.  I've used pictures for the past several years and I've found it very helpful.  

The last project of the day was getting my back to school themed books out.  This is where I was starting to sort them, and this is where they stayed when the building closed early.  Hate leaving a project half-done! Grrr!

I'll be in the classroom all week long, so I'll post more of my projects as they are completed.  Happy back to school season, Teacher Friends! ☺