Saturday, January 12, 2013

"Busy work" is not a Dirty Word!

Err...are not dirty words{?}...I guess I mean to say...

I know, I know, we've all been led to believe that the words: "busy work", should never be uttered.  Unfortunately, the majority of us spend our day alone with 20-30 first graders.  Keeping them occupied and quiet, while you try to get DIBELs, reading benchmarks, intervention groups, etc., etc., etc...done--is nearly impossible.  Don't get me wrong, I use my literacy station time wisely, I have engaged first graders eagerly working at independent stations while I have an intervention group or a guided reading group work with me.  However, there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done without assigning "busy work" sometimes.  In light of that realization, I created a "busy work" pack that I don't feel bad about.  The work is appropriate for first graders to work on independently, and yet is still fun enough to keep them engaged while you can get a few things done.  Please check out my newest "Busy Work" pack in my TpT store.  

Anyone else out there brave enough to admit to assigning "busy work" in this Common Core world? ☺
{The first 3 people to confess...and leave me their email address, will win a copy of my "January Busy Work".  Don't forget to leave your email address!}