Friday, March 8, 2013

Snow Day YAY!!

I shouldn't be this excited that we are using yet another snow day, but I am totally wiped out!  Also, my district has filed with the state to earn back at least one of the two "snow days" that were used in October when Hurricane Sandy closed schools for two days...So, I am hopeful that we'll get at least one of them back, and not have to make up snow days by losing any of the few days off that we are given for Spring Break and Memorial Day.  All that being said, I am so thankful that this snow day fell on a Friday, giving me a much needed three day weekend before a marathon of parent teacher conferences on Monday, lasting until 8:00 PM!

My true reason for this post today is to share a great resource with all of you.  If you haven't yet checked out SparkleBox, you've gotta give it a look.  I have used a bunch of resources from SparkleBox in my classroom.  I used the hands for skip counting by fives, I have them displayed on my math focus wall, and the kiddos really use them!  

I also used the color words printable lego blocks for my wall above my calendar area. 

 I have printed and used games for number bonds and consonant blends.  The printable number lines are great too.  This is a great resource, check it out! 


  1. good luck with conferences. i finished today. :) thanks for the reminder for "sparkle box"

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