Friday, March 29, 2013

Please tell me I'm not alone....

Sounds desperate, I know.  But desperate times call for desperate measures...Okay, enough drama.  Seriously though, are there any other teachers out there who don't get a spring break this year?  Our "Spring Recess" this year was scheduled to be Thursday, March 28th and Friday, March 29th.  And then...we had snow days, hurricane days, and days with no heat in the building!  So, we lost one of our two days of "Spring Recess", which was Thursday.  So this is it, today, one day only, Friday, March 29th is our "Spring Recess"!   Last year we used only one snow day, and we actually had a spring break, with unused snow days, and our spring break, we were off for 11 glorious days...That rocked! {SIGH} One day, does not rock! Okay, enough drama.

Though I'm having some technical difficulties with TpT, I hope to have my April Busy Work Pack for First Graders loaded to TpT at some point today.  Also, I'm throwing a 20% off sale in my TpT store in honor of my one day of "Spring Recess"  (sarcasm noted!) Here's a couple of sneak peaks at my April Busy Work Pack:

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  1. Love your new packet. It looks great.