Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's a start....Day 1

So, I spent most of the day yesterday in my classroom.  I have a few pictures for you to check out.

When I first walked in yesterday I knew something was missing...it took me a few minutes to figure out that my 6 stacks of blue chairs were not 6 stacks of blue chairs--but 2 stacks of blue chairs.  That's just 10 chairs.  I'm slightly attached to my chairs.  My desks are all mismatched and uneven, but my chairs, they were all the same color, size, and even height!  I was pretty sure that my missing chairs had gotten moved to another building, as there were several classrooms that were moved to other buildings just last week.  So I start stalking casually perusing the nearby classrooms.  My building's new principal asks what I'm looking for, and I tell her "my chairs".  Not wanting to sound like a crazy maniac, having only just met her last spring for two minutes!  She and a custodian spent the next hour searching the building for my chairs.  Which were not found in their entirety.  However, I did get some replacement chairs from another classroom that will be getting "bigger kid" furniture.  Whew! Disaster averted!

Now, a bunch of random pictures, a few with captions.  I feel so lucky to have a room with a view!


Finally, one thing somewhat completed...
My classroom library area.  Those gigantic white cards are our Open Court Sound Spelling cards.  I wish they were smaller!

I've gotta get back in that room and work some serious magic today.  Enjoy your day! ☺