Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ordinal Numbers and Math Stations

How many of us have heard this phrase?: "If you used to teach should still teach it", referring to whichever Common Core Standard is being addressed.  In my district, basically everything that used to be part of the first grade math curriculum is now part of the kindergarten math curriculum, and much of what used to be in the second grade math curriculum--is now part of the first grade curriculum.  We've undergone a big shift in our math curriculum.  Some items are even listed in our district's curriculum as  "added to close the gap in instruction".  
Ordinal numbers falls into that category for my district.  To help "close the gap" I created these ordinal numbers anchor chart posters for my classroom.  I am offering them in both my TpT Store, and my Teachers Notebook Shop for just $ 3.00.  

I am also giving away this math stations pack for a limited time.  If you download, please leave me a note. {expired} ☺This is now available on TpT with new recording sheets included.    

This past week has been a crazy week.  Our district had Superintendent's Conference on both Tuesday and Wednesday this week.  Then we had two half days on Thursday, the first day for students,  and Friday, as our district is implementing half day kindergarten this year, and they are working out the kinks.  (Due to extreme funding cuts, our inner-city school district had to cut our full day program, a truly sad cut.)  As the remnants of Hurricane Lee came through our area, we had severe flooding, which came on the coattails of the flooding from Hurricane Irene.  The flooding has been so severe, some of our families are living in homeless shelters at the moment.  Our school cafeteria was so flooded on Thursday, our students didn't get breakfast, and lunch was delivered to our classrooms in bags.  Yikes, what a start! 

I have many more pictures of my finished classroom, and I will TRY to get them posted tomorrow.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!