Saturday, April 9, 2011


My first graders are like little homophone detectives.  They LOVE finding homophones.  We have this little saying that we say, as we form a phone with our thumb and pinkie finger and place it to our ear and mouth...These are homophones because they sound the same, different spellings, different meanings.  It doesn't even rhyme, but they love this little homophone jingle!  Here is a homophone station I created. 

As I have said in previous posts, I like to use pocket charts for these matching activities.  You could use them as a memory or concentration game; I just find that my firsties have a tough time being, shall we say...honest? "He peeked at that card" One yells.  "No, I didn't!" Yells the other, and so on and so on.   Taking turns at a pocket chart just feels more manageable for me. 
Homophone match
And a recording sheet:
Homophone match recording sheet


A beautiful spring weekend in the Hudson Valley of New York....Spent doing REPORT CARDS!!!
Okay, now that my tantrum is over...Does anyone else out there use Datacation/Skedula?  How user "unfriendly"do you find this? They open and close the report cards to give you only a brief window of time to get them all done.  They give you 80 characters to provide comments for parents??!!  Seems to be no way for teachers to manage their class list, so how do you get new students imported??

So, I'm willing to bet that most of you have no idea what Datacation/Skedula is. that I am done my venting--I am actually going to attempt to get some report cards done.  Have a nice weekend everyone!