Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Antonym Match

You can use this as a memory or concentration game, or you can place the pieces in a pocket chart for students to match.  Students will find antonym matches by matching a worm to a bird that has the opposite meaning.  As always I included a recording sheet. 
antonyms birds and worms match
Antonyms birds and worms recording sheet

Easter Bunny/Basket Making Words

Here's a new making words activity.  My students are always so excited to see new letters for making words activities being placed in the pocket chart.  This one has two different uses.  I made the words EASTER BUNNY BASKET.  So you can use either Easter Bunny or Easter basket.  I made two different recording sheets; and if you're like me and can't stand to leave the back of a page blank, there is also a writing extension for the back page as well. 
Easter bunny basket making words
Easter bunny making words
Easter basket making words
Easter making words recording sheet 2