Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You know you're a first grade teacher when...Linky Party

Babbling Abby at The Inspired Apple is hosting a Linky Party.  "You know you're a teacher when..."  I love this! Check out The Inspired Apple.

1.  You get excited when the "lack of shoe tying skill" kids finally figure out how to position the "bunny ears" of their laces into a bow that actually stays tied!
2.  You can read and understand this sentence: Mi bruvr is mene.
3.  You can name every single David Shannon, Dr. Seuss, or Laura Numeroff book.
4.  You can easily list every word in the -at, -in, -it, -and, etc. word families.
5.  You use the word "tattle" more than five times a day.
6.  You get between 15 and 25 notes and pictures a day that say "I love you", and they're not even from someone who's related to you.
7.  You find yourself making up rhymes for just about everything.  (Hey if it helps them remember...)
8.  You are not surprised when pencils vanish into thin air.  (Seriously, they just disappear!)
9.  You get almost as excited to go to the Dollar Tree as you do to go shoe shopping.
10. You know about five different versions of the "Days of the Week"/"Months of the Year" songs!