Sunday, August 28, 2011

Classroom pics, and O-Mi-Goodness!

I have totally been MIA, but here are some pictures of the beginnings of my classroom set-up.  Here in the Hudson Valley of New York we head back to school after Labor Day, so I've been busy with the all-encompassing, super--busy classroom set-up time.  My building, which is located in the City of Poughkeepsie, is 93 years old.  Its age definitely has its downfalls, but does add a little charm too.  Welcome to Room 12!

Original touch: brass doorknob, which fell off the door 3 times last year! 

My first look into the room.  Oh boy, I've got my work cut out for me!

A couple more peeks.

And, introducing my new floor! I know, not normally a big hit topic, but if you saw my floor from last year you would be as excited as I am.  Picture broken tiles, and bare plywood.  Seriously! Oh beautiful, shiny, non-broken floor: I love you! 

So, as the maintenance crew installed my floor over the summer, they had to replace the subfloor, which required cutting of plywood, and do you know where they cut the plywood? On my computer table.  Know how I know they used it? Yep, you guessed it! They cut into my table!  


Then it was time for  a panic attack...My closet.  Oh boy! During the school year, this is the student coat closet, and my storage space for books, manipulatives, etc.  During the summer, EVERYTHING that will fit, gets stored in the closet.  Which is of course a lot of work to load up at the end of the year, and a bear to unload at the start of the year.  These are the pictures that caused the panic attack!

After a couple of hours of work, the closet ended up looking more normal.  

More set-up pictures yet to come.  

Now onto a cutsie craft I worked on to use as a display in the hallway outside of my classroom.  Our school uses PBIS, a school-wide positive behavior intervention and support system.  As part of PBIS, we use an acronym to help students remember expectations.  Our acronym is PRIDE, which stands for Politeness, Responsibility, and Integrity, Determines, Excellence.  Since our acronym is PRIDE, we chose a lion as our mascot.  I found this cutsie lion at Hobby Lobby, it was on clearance for $3.79.  The clipboard is from Dollar Tree, for of course, $1.00.

Add a little paint, and voila! A cutsie lion clipboard which I will place in the hallway outside my classroom to display important notes, or high-quality student work.  


  1. LOVE IT!!!! I wonder if they have a frog!?


  2. @Jennifer: I'm not sure if they have a frog or not. I know I saw a giraffe--but I can't remember what other critters they had.
    ☺ Tanya

  3. Great clipboard idea! I want to make a zebra one!

  4. I love that - I remember seeing those at Hobby Lobby and wishing I had a use for them! I am heading there tomorrow to pick up some fish for my ocean unit, now I have another aisle to visit as well! Thanks for the great idea!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  5. Love your clipboard! So cute! We are implementing our PBIS program this year. Do you like it? Interesting to see somebody else using it. Have a great school year!
    Robin (Bigbird)

  6. @ Robin (Bigbird) I do like PBIS, I think it has helped our school to become more of a community that works toward one goal, promoting positive behavior in our school community.