Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I would make a good Easter Bunny because...

I used these with my first graders yesterday.  I loved every single answer, and a few really surprised me.
I took pictures of each student and printed them on the laser printer.  Students then colored their picture, cut it out, and dressed themselves as a bunny.  They attached their "bunny selves" and their bunny writing to construction paper to adorn our bulletin board.  Too fun, and A-dorable! I'll post pictures of the completed project soon (Just as soon as I get them hung up on the bulletin board that is!).
The Easter Bunny has lost his hop


  1. Oh I just adore this. Thank you for sharing.

    Ms. M
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  2. Your blog is soooooo cute--I can't wait to use these cute activities in my classroom next week thanks for following me---and now I will follow you!