Sunday, April 24, 2011

Contraction Surgery

So, now that our way too short Spring Break is coming to a close, and I'm planning a unit that is sure to require lots of photos, it's time to clean up the memory card of my camera.  Here are some photos of some fun activities my students have enjoyed this year. 

First up, Contraction Surgery!  Thanks to this activity, my students all want to be doctors when they grow up, specifically--surgeons.  How much do you love the Dollar Tree?  Our surgeons garb, with the exception of the goggles, was all provided by the Dollar Tree.  We used shower caps, painting masks, and latex gloves; all of which doubled as surgeon's wear.  The goggles were free, they are included in our science kits which are replenished each year. 


  1. This is precious! I need more details about this activity. I think any kid would love to perform surgery!
    F is For First Grade