Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Desk Fairy

Here's a great "clean desk" motivator, the Desk Fairy.  I place these notes in my student's desks when they've kept them neat and tidy without reminding.  These notes are always a hit!

Desk Fairy


  1. The desk fairy visits in our room, too. It really helps keep those desks clean!

  2. I have made a ton of stuff for my class through Vista Print. My favorite is the car magnet. I used a fairy design and made a desk fairy sign, business cards and address labels to match. Each afternoon after the kids leave the desk fairy picks the neatest desk. She leaves the items on that student's desk. When they come back the next day they take home the card, wear the sticker and stick the magnet to their desk for the day. Every once in awhile I will put the magnet away when we are getting a little sloppy. After a week or so, I will type a letter in a fancy font and add a little prisma glitter with a note about how she is glad to be back since we have started working again as a team to keep our room neater.