Sunday, April 20, 2014

Today's Giveaway...and Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Let's hop right into today's giveaway! Today, I'll give away 3 copies of my "You're Bugging Me!" Common Core Math Station.  If you follow my blog and my TpT store, simply leave me a comment with your email address.  I'll choose 3 winners with random number generator after 9:00 PM EST tonight.  I hope you enjoy your Easter dinners and of course the chocolate! ☺

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Congratulations May Busy Work Pack Winners

Congratulations Veronica, Clara, and Yvonnee! Thank you for following my TpT store and my neglected blog!  Your May Busy Work Packs have been emailed! ☺

Spring Break....Final Hours

I'm happy to say, this past week was Spring Break for our district.  I'm also happy to say, we did not lose any of our days to "make-up snow days" like some other neighboring districts.  However, by the time Saturday rolls around, you realize you're in the final hours of Spring Break {GULP!}....YIKES! 

Today's giveaway: May Busy Work Pack for First Graders.  I'll pick three winners this evening at 9:00 PM EST (random number generator).  Just follow my TpT store and leave a comment below with your email address.  

Friday, April 18, 2014


Congratulations Kristina, Renee, and Karyn! Thank you for following my TpT store and my neglected blog!  Your April Busy Work Packs have been emailed! ☺

The Absent Blogger...

If I have any followers left, I apologize for my long-term absence.  I have no excuses.  I could try to muster a few, such as: I have a difficult class this year, I'm teaching a new curriculum in both reading and math, I have had a revolving door in my class this year, which started with 28 firsties, and I've had 8 move, and 5 new ones move in, I have the "Mean Girls" this year {SIGH!}.... Anyway, I apologize for my absence and lack of blogging, I am attempting to rejuvenate my poor, sad, neglected blog.  Stay tuned for some rockin' giveaways!

First up, if you follow my TpT store, leave me a comment, I'll choose 3 winners (the old fashioned way: Random Number Generator) at 3:00 PM EST for a copy of my April Busy Work for First Graders.  

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Education Nation: Teacher Town Hall

Once this school year began, I hit the ground running, and haven't had a chance to take a deep breath, let alone blog about it.  This year came with a broad range of challenges, more than I have the time to talk about today.  I'll have to set my DVR for the Teacher Town Hall, since lesson planning will take most of my day.  I'm longing for a weekend when I feel like planning is an event that takes a few hours of my time, not my ENTIRE day.  Enjoy the Teacher Town Hall if you're able! ☺